Librarian Avengers

Look it up.

Nov 11, 2003


I got this email from Erin this morning. I'm all ego-y now. Once in a while I get a letter like this, an occurrence which pretty much defies reality and constructs a nice illusion of me as some sort of e-persona, which I suppose I could be if I worked on the website once in awhile instead of staying up until 4am reading "Sewer, Gas & Electric" by Matt Ruff. Dangit. Curse you Matt Ruff and your seductive prose!
Erin writes:
at the YMCA tonight I saw...
an awesome girl in a "librarian avengers" t-shirt.
I was like, "Aw na, hell na-- that's awesome! Erica Olsen is like my best friend in the world."
she was studying to become a librarian and generally thinks of you as an extraordinary genius.
I am beaming with pride!


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